The overall objective of the project for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Turkey is to improve the legal, technical and administrative framework conditions for the energy efficiency in public buildings. Launched under the German Climate Technology Initiative (DKTI), this Turkish–German cooperation project is helping to drive forward Turkey’s sustainable economic and technological development.

To achieve the objective of the project, four specific components of activities have been identified as follows:

  • A.Assist the partner Ministry to build the capacity it needs to effectively enforce existing regulations and enhance the legal framework conditions for energy efficiency in public buildings
  • B.Support the establishment of an energy efficiency data management system (DMS) for public buildings in Turkey as the basis for ministerial action plans
  • C.Foster technology cooperation between Turkey and Germany/EU countries, with a view to enhancing know-how transfer in the private sector
  • D.Demonstrate energy-efficient technologies in public buildings in a bid to a) raise awareness of the gains that can be achieved by implementing energy efficiency measures and b) provide guidance to implementing bodies on development of a systematic approach for retrofitting to apply on similar projects in the future