Cities at Rise - Livable Cities Symposium 2018 Istanbul

Around 300 participants from the local level gathered in a conference on 24-25 November at Istanbul Technical University to discuss various aspects of livable cities of the future.

In the first session on Sustainable Cities called “Cities at Rise” Alexander Haack, GIZ’s Programme Director of the Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings Project in Turkey shared his views from the energy efficiency perspective. With an ongoing and overwhelming influx of people into cities and another 2bn people yet to be accommodated by 2050, administrations will have to plan efficiently to avoid lock-in effects, such as traffic congestions in Istanbul and provide for more decentralized and smart solutions.

He gave two best practices on smartness and sustainability in cities at present. First a GIZ project called Waste to Wnergy in Nashik/ India where biogas and subsequently electricity are being produced from urban waste. Second a highly innovative example from Wuppertal/Germany where “prosumers” can trade electricity via a platform provided by Wuppertal Utilities using blockchain technology. This innovative approach allows for the first time, trading opportunities on renewable energy among neighbours. Substantial carbon savings can be provided from the building sector that accounts for almost one third of emissions worldwide. The DKTI EE in Public Buildings Project in Turkey financed by BMU is targeting these potentials together with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The second day of the conference focused on urban planning of cycling lanes, ongoing support programmes in Turkey and a view from the Netherlands where cycling has been a predominant mobility feature in cycling capitals, such as Amsterdam.

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 Picture: © WRI Türkiye