Technical Visit to Frankfurt and Munich on Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Buildings by the Delegation from the Ministry of Environment on Urbanization of Turkey May 2017

GIZ Turkey organized a 5-day technical visit to Germany (8-12 May 2017) within the BMU project Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Turkey for a technical delegation of its partner, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey. The purpose of the visit was for the delegation to create initial contacts with counterpart institutions actively involved in building energy efficiency, such as Energy Management Frankfurt (part of Frankfurt Building Authority) and Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP. The delegation also inspected the Ludwig Börne School Building (Frankfurt) and GIZ’s DGNB-certificated service building to discuss energy efficient retrofitting strategies and technologies in Germany exemplified by the case of Frankfurt, public building retrofitting; as well as energy management through data monitoring systems software and energy certification.

Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Turkey, launched under the German Climate Technology Initiative (DKTI), devotes a whole component to fostering market development for energy service industries and providers of energy-efficiency solutions in building technologies and engineering. The project promotes technology cooperation between Turkish and German/EU universities and research institutes and the respective private sectors. The meeting with Fraunhofer Institute, a globally known institution developing technologies in the field of building materials and energy systems amongst other areas, resulted in discussing potential cooperation areas, including the  development of a training and testing facility in Turkey for measurements, analyses or monitoring of building systems, software programmes to assist building cost calculations and retrofitting projections, modelling and data processing for dynamic solutions including energy management concepts.

Pictures: Project for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Turkey, © GIZ