Comprehensive Energy Analysis of Ministry Service Building and Recommended Measures for Retrofitting March 2018

GIZ Turkey prepared a detailed report with a scientific approach on energy auditing of the service building and surroundings of Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey (MoEU), under the BMU project “Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings”.

One main output of the project is that the public institutions responsible for regulating energy efficiency applications in buildings have performed and evaluated energy-related analysis for their very own service premises. Within this frame, the project supported its partner MoEU in collection and measurement of all relevant information including building parameters and energy consuming systems in the building, screening of existing documents and analysis on the energy efficiency of their service building in Ankara.

The project followed a know-how transfer approach through facilitating German and Turkish energy auditing companies to work together and assessed the current condition of the Building. After the data collection and measurement steps, the results were analysed and a list of potential energy efficiency measures, giving some indication of technical feasibility, level of ambition, upfront investment and payback period were presented in a detailed report to the Ministry. 

The audit and the recommended measures enable the decision-makers to prioritize the measures and spend the available budget for measure with the highest saving potential or exemplary effect and provide a clear overview at what cost a specific amount of energy can be saved.  For the following step, it is planned for MoEU to make a selection among the measures and elaborate detailed plans to retrofit their building.