10th Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair (11-12 April 2019) and Panel on Collaborative Studies of MoEU and MoENR

The 10th Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition (EEF) was held on 11th – 12th April 2019 at Istanbul. It is the largest and most significant event of the sector on energy efficiency in Turkey both for its forum and exhibition. The event was arranged by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MoENR) and the opening ceremony had been realized with opening speeches of senior national officials, Malta Energy and Water Affairs Minister, North Cyprus Energy and Economy Minister and Turkish Republic Energy and Natural Resources Minister. The event brought together participants and leading representatives of public and private sectors, civil society, universities and the sector to introduce new and existing technologies, products and studies.

Panels and forum addressed all matters, policies and strategies related to energy efficiency with inputs and assessments from academicians, institutions, companies and leading Turkish figures in international energy. At the Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition, the participants have had chance to exchange views with experts, talk to decision-makers, participate in discussions of top issues in the sector, observe novelties, see the most efficient products and applications, and learn the methods of doing their works more efficiently, cost-effectively and with higher savings.

GIZ project “Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Turkey” contributed to 10th Energy Efficiency Forum together with the partner-ministry, the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU), to present its completed and ongoing activities. A side event in the forum on 12th April was organized for this purpose.

The side event was titled as Collaborative Studies of MoEU and MoENR. The studies that are being conducted by MoEU and MoENR in energy efficiency were presented. GIZ project explained the main activities that have been undertaken since 2014. On the other hand, the main theme was defined as the building energy audits and renovation. The side event drew attention of the audience because of the fact that the presentations also included the actual implementation studies. GIZ project also presented the energy audit on MoEU Service Building which includes the proposed energy saving measures and MoEU put forward how they have analysed their own building and started with implementation. Furthermore, the project provided information on the progress and current situation for the lighthouse activity on energetic renovation of a school building in Kırıkkale, which is expected to be implemented by Turkish Ministry of National Education (MoNE).

Pictures: Project for Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Turkey, © GIZ